Saturday, December 29, 2007

Over the hill and through the woods.....

...not to Grandma's house we go, but home! The drive was very long. I started at 7:30 am, spent over an hour at the border crossing, then had to go veeeeery slowly over Mt Hood. I probably would have been faster going down to The Dalles and up Hwy 197. But I didn't know. This is how the pass was all the way. Actually, this was one of the better sections. I was ok going slow, I felt safe. But it just made for a long day.
As soon as I got home the kitties wanted to go outside. They don't like being inside all the time, and they'd been inside for six out they went. They came back in after just a little while, since it was snowing hard. But they were just happy to get out! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

well, I'm home in Vancouver for Christmas. The drive up was pretty good, but slow due to weather and a couple accidents. Christmas eve we had immediate family, plus Syl and Spiro, of course. Here's a picture of the creche I made for my mom back, maybe 1983 or '84? There's not one more like it in the world! :) It was Smurfs, Terracotta warriors, llamas, Perivuan china bull, crystal turtle and more! We still put it up every year. It's SO vanEijnsbergen!!!! :)
Syl and Spiro came, like always, with their brand new baby. She is just GORGEOUS! I am biased, but she is gorgeous. we had a really good time, and were so happy that they came. Like I've said before, Syl has spent more Christmas Eve's at my house than I have since 1986 when I met her. She has not missed one! And this year with a 6-week old, they were there. So special.
Here's mom and Kai watching the Santa candle merry-go-round. He's a pretty good kid. Very cute. My parent's camera has some even better pictures. I'll upload those when I get 'em from them.
And here's mom looking at the destruction in the living room after we finished opening our presents. Big job cleaning that one up!

Today, Christmas Day we went to my aunt and uncle's house in Langley for Christmas Day dinner. My cousins were also there, and we had a lot of fun. We had a rather nontraditional Christmas meal, paella. But it was amazing. There are two dishes, 'cause it had shellfish, so that one on the left is for me, without shellfish. I'm allergic...

Along with the paella they ALSO had crab legs. Hee hee. I thought they looked hilarious.
Here's the feast. Unfortunately 'cause of the way the room is set up I could not get back far enough to get everyone in. Too bad.
It's been a good Christmas so far. We're having an "open house" tomorrow and then I head home Thursday. Hooray! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nothing's new...

I haven't been updating 'cause nothing has been happening! :) My legs are healing slowly, but they still swell something awful. I've been trying to do some really gentle spinning at home, alternated with leg and ab exercises. I'm also trying to remember to take it easy and not get to anxious. I'm sure I'll heal in leaps and bounds in the new year.

I'm heading up to Vancouver on Sunday to spend Christmas with my family. I'm looking forward to it. I have to work Saturday for one of my staff, or else I'd head up sooner. Another of my staff fell off a ladder yesterday...I really hope he's well enough to work.

Other than that, the Bend Bella Cyclists Executive Committee had a cookie exchange at our monthly meeting, so I've got lots of great cookies. Too many really, so I'll be giving some away and taking some home.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Surf's up

Wow, I haven't updated in a while! That's probably since not much is happening. I've started back swimming...but I can only do about 15-20 minutes of very slooooow laps. Well, it's more like one length, stop and tread water for a minute, another length and rest...but it's a start, right? :)

It is going well, but I'm still only allowed to work 20 hours per week at the branch. I can work from home though. The incisions look really good, except there is some dimpling around a couple of the stitch marks on my left leg. Can you see the dimpling...and no, that's not cellulite!!!! :P My legs still get tired pretty quickly and they swell too. So I'm wearing super sexy compression stockings for another couple weeks to help with that. I'm hoping the dimpling is just because of swelling.

Since I am only working part-time, I watched Surf's Up today. It's really actually super sweet. More than that, it's good. I enjoyed it very much and highly recommend it...even to those that don't watch kids movies! :)