Monday, March 01, 2010

Bobsleigh crash

Did I say before that it is really "bobsleigh" NOT "bobsled". We say bobsled here... but that's not truly correct. I thought it was bobsled until the Olympics ... but turns out it's bobsleigh. Huh, who knew?

I couldn't get these videos to upload you have to click on the link. but they're great! My friend Sylvia got a good video of the bobsleigh crash I was describing. At first she's just panning around and you get a really good view of the scenery, AND just how steep it is after the finish line. We're standing a ways past the finish line. But then you can see Ana and I looking over our shoulders and then people running towards the track. This video really doesn't look too bad...but it was scary! It shows it pretty well. It looks a lot slower than it actually was.

This is a video Ana and Syl watching their first bobsleigh going by. It is literally jaw dropping when you see if for the first time!