Monday, May 11, 2015

Fraser Island

If you're ever of the east coast of Australia, don't miss Fraser Island! So beautiful! It's off the coast of Airlir Beach. The largest sand island I the world, yet it also has an amazing rainforest jungle on it! It also has possibly the purest dingos left, they haven't interbred with domestic dogs like many on the mainland.

We travelled along 75-Mile beach to these sand formations called the Pinacles, then stopped at the wreck of the SS Mareno, a early 1900s cruise ship. After lunch we headed inland to see Lake Mckenzie. The sand at this lake is almost pure silica so it's great for your skin and hair. The water too.

Well we're swimming along, we've exfoliated, and suddenly dad holds his hand up and says uh oh, Chandra I have a problem. His wedding ring slipped off! Luckily I did have goggles in the bus...which was almost half a mile away. So I chug up the hill, get the goggles, bring the, back and start looking. Without a snorkel, it's very hard! Then one of our fellow visitors appears with snorkel gear! :) He found it almost immediately!! I was amazed, I truly did not think we'd find it and that dad would be getting a new ring for their 50th anniversary. :)

I SOOOO wanted to see dingos there, but we saw nothing! Then about 100 feet from the jetty, there's a little guy curled up just off the road sleeping! :) we get off the bus and minutes later another one shows up skulking around. So awesome!!!

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